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Ski Waxing

Stop at the ski waxing room at the sale and get a fresh coat of wax before the season starts! While at the sale, follow the signs to the wax room, we can finish your skis while you wait.
  • Downhill
  • Cross Country
  • Snowboards
All skis and snowboards will be hot waxed and brushed to provide a great base surface for your equipment. All waxing will be completed by Bay Area Youth Nordic Ski Club members, coaches and parents. Proceeds will assist the club in providing a successful program this upcoming winter season.

Waxing Prices
Nordic -- $20 per pair
Alpine -- $25 per pair
Snowboard -- $30 each


Do brand new skis/snowboards need wax?
Yes, new skis/snowboards will be optimized with a hot wax application. Hot wax applied to new skis and snowboards will penetrate into the base creating an optimum surface. Wax application improves turning ability and speed and performance on the snow. The wax layer should be replenished frequently during the season.

Why do I need to apply wax to my skis/snowboard?
Bases of all skis (cross country / alpine) and snowboards are made of materials that absorb wax. The base is protected and enhanced by this thin layer of wax. The layer has to be applied to new skis and old skis and must be replaced over time to maintain optimum performance.

What does the wax do?
The thin layer of wax reduces friction. Friction is caused by the variable surface of the snow. Water also plays a significant role; water molecules surround the snow crystals and can create friction or suction on the ski or snowboard even when the temperature is below freezing.

Are there different types of wax?
Yes, glide wax options are available for variable temperatures and humidity conditions. The Bay Nordic wax technicians are applying a general purpose hot wax option in the waxing area for skis and snowboards.

Do I need to apply wax to my "non-waxable" cross country skis?
Yes, the non-waxable cross country ski refers to the "kick area" of the ski. This area typically has a rough or "fish scale" pattern directly under the binding area. This area provides the grip to move through the snow. It is important however to optimize the glide areas as well (tip and tail ends of the ski) with a wax application to improve glide and speed.


About the Ski Club
The Bay Area Youth Nordic Ski Club, also known as Bay Nordic, is a Nordic ski program for youths ages 3 to 18. The program is available to kids in the Green Bay and surrounding communities.

Club Mission and Goals:
  • Introduce and foster the interest of Nordic Skiing to youths ages 3 to 18 within peer groups and provide the skill set to enjoy and excel at the sport.
  • Promote lifelong fitness habits, healthy activities, and winter sports.
  • Provide an opportunity to use club-owned equipment.
  • Have fun.


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